A Simple Pilsner, Please…

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There is nothing simple about brewing a good pilsner. Sure, there only a few ingredients compared to other beer styles, but you could say that it’s the simplicity of the ingredients that makes for a difficult style to get right!

Here’s what Emily Hutto of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine had to write on the subject: “For Issue 3 (Fall 2014) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™, I polled some of the country’s best pilsner-makers on what makes this beer style what it is, and why it’s such a popular choice among brewers. They all agreed that pilsner is the most challenging style of beer to brew. They also concurred that pilsner is a style of beer that has stood the test of time, remaining generally unaltered since its inception.

These brewers went on and on about pilsner. Most brewers do. Here are some of my favorite proclamations about pilsner that they shared.

“If you can brew a pilsner you can brew any other style of beer.” Mike Sardina, assistant executive officer at Societe Brewing in San Diego, California

“I’m trying to replicate Pilsner Urquell as close as I possibly can. If you go to the brewery, you get to taste it when you’re going through the tour. It’s beer that’s made they way they made pilsner 100 years ago—in big wooden barrels. They give you the taste straight out of the barrel, and it is absolutely delicious. It tastes nothing here [in the United States] like it does in the Czech Republic.” Rick Allen, owner and brewer at Heater Allen Brewing in McMinnville, Oregon

“Pilsner is the quintessential beer. It’s easy to drink; it’s digestable; and it’s good.” Ro Guenzel, head brewer at Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado

“Honestly, you could make a big deal about traditional malts and all continental, European Noble hops. But it’s the process and the brewing equipment that matters a lot more [when brewing pilsner.]” Jeremy Marshall, head brewer at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California

“I used to work at Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville. We made ales. After I got off work, everybody had an IPA in their hand. . . . It seems in recent years that we’re finally getting people to appreciate the pilsner.” Mike Hutson, lead brewer at Sudwerk Brewery in Davis, California

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“And then on the 7th day he made Fat Cat Bro-ceanography Pils!!!! Nuff said.” – Bruce Taub

“Pilsner naturally calls for a little more control and restraint. It gives our brewers the opportunity to show restraint in hopping.” Bill Covaleski, president and brewmaster at Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

“As the grey hairs come in, the desire for alcohol content goes down. It’s no secret that the line at the Craft Brewers Conference for pilsner is the longest.” Jeff Erway, president at La Cumbre Brewing Co. in Albuquerque, New Mexico”

Now Fat Cat’s Bro-ceanography™ Pils (aka – Bro Pils) is fairly new to the market, so we might forgive Emily for not reaching out to us for a quote… However, here is what Bruce Taub, CEO, had to say about brewing a good Pilsner, “And then on the 7th day he made Fat Cat Bro-ceanography Pils!!!! Nuff said.” There you have it! If you haven’t tried Bro Pils, you are missing out on a truly great Czech style Pilsener.

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Craft Beer News Flash!

Check out what we have been up to! After the launch of our latest hit sensation, Bro-ceanography™ Pils, people just can’t stop talking about Fat Cat Beer! We have been on radio talk shows and featured in two local articles. Here is the link to one radio talk show:

Find out more about The Fat Cat Beer Company, LLC and Managing Member, Bruce Taub.


Here’s a couple of excerpts from the San Diego Reader and Guy Bite Out:

SanDiegoReaderLogo Great Times With The Fat Cat Beer Company!!!

Brandon Hernandez of the San Diego Reader asks the question: Just Who Are These Fat Cats?

“Felines are known for being sly, but when I asked the folks behind The Fat Cat Beer Co. what they were all about, they were very forthcoming. While others may have skirted the question of why they had decided to enter the San Diego market by contract brewing their beers at Vista’s Latitude 33 Brewing Company, they fired back with a sound reason. “There’s nothing cheap about creating and operating a brewery, plus there is so much brewing capacity throughout the U.S. and San Diego that it really wasn’t necessary to exhaust the capital to open a brewery,” said Bruce Taub, Fat Cat’s “chief of whatever it takes.” Secondarily, Taub and his associates see contract brewing as the right thing to do from an environmental perspective.

But where did these guys come from?….” – Read more here!

 new logo GBO w bg 207x300 Great Times With The Fat Cat Beer Company!!!Don’t go just yet! There’s more…Voted Fan Favorite at the El Dorado Craft Beer and Cocktail Showcase, we now have Guys Bite Out’s stamp of approval.  They report:

“Saturday (Aug. 2, 2014) came with grey clouds and sprinkles but that could not deter the droves of beer lovers who came out for the showcase, thirsty for a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar. The El Dorado parking lot transformed into an adult playground with everyone hopping from tent to tent with arms outreached like children eager for treats. And what a treat! In addition to the great beers that each brewery brought (can you say IPA heaven?), El Dorado revealed its newly remodeled interiors, which was a perfect contrast to the familiar faces behind the bar slinging drinks. Beers and cocktails with punny names flowed freely and, soon after, not even the weather could dampen people’s spirits.

But wait! We know you’re really here for the results of the GBO showcase poll. GBO asked showcase goers to vote for their favorite breweries in attendance and a resounding 50% of the votes went to…


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Congratulations to Fat Cat on this landslide victory! Thank you to all who participated and a bigger thank you to those who stopped by our booth to say “hi”! See you at the next GBO Outing.”

The Fat Cat Beer Company News No. 1 – May 2014 Edition

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Company Stuff!

What’s SESSION UP!™ you ask? Simply stated, stop drinking crappy beer. For those of you who may not be aware of The Fat Cat Beer Company: Listen up! We here at The Fat Cat Beer Company are dedicated to providing a palate worthy, sessionable craft beer experience from a can; Yes, we said a can! So SESSION UP!™ More about the can at www.fatcatbeers.com/Cans. Truth be told, our Fat Cat™ Lager was the 1ST craft beer in a can when it made its debut in 1995. My, how the others have followed! icon smile The Fat Cat Beer Company News SESSION UP!™ from watered down, domestic and imported or skunked beer and move up in flavor, not necessarily ABV while having a few (session) beers so SESSION UP!™ and drink a cold Fat Cat beer!! Great, craft flavor without high octane alcohol or over the top hoppiness.

Product News

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding our limited release series. Rumor has it an awesome pilsner is brewing in San Diego which will be allocated in kegs. Not everyone will get it. Will you?? A portion of the proceeds will support the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter

Social Media

Our Facebook page has been on fire! We blew past our free ticket milestone and now boast close to 5,000 followers. Congratulations to Matthew Griffin who was our 4,256th person to like our Facebook page. He won 2 tickets to a MLB Game of his choice. Check out our page daily for new events and other bitchin posts. Who knows… We may actually throw a party to release our new beer; follow us and you could wind up being a guest.

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Get The Staff Skinny!

Andras Balla: a native of CA, not only manages logistics, merchandising and inventory, he dabbles in sales for The Fat Cat Beer Company, LLC. He steps up to the plate (figuratively and literally) any time there is a job to be done or there are bacon wrapped jalapeños to be eaten. LOL. Did we mention that he recently won the San Diego local bar – Mother’s Saloon – eating contest in which he ate 15 humongous bacon wrapped jalapenos in 5 min?!!! He can do anything from sales to fixing your kegorator!

Andras lived in Alabama when  Hurricane Katrina struck, so he volunteered to go into the heart of the disaster area to help out. He is currently enrolled in a ballet class during his spare time! You should see him in his tutu. icon smile The Fat Cat Beer Company News Not pretty!


Local News

San Diego, CA – In May we will issue a press release announcing our San Diego brewing debut as we partner with a great local brewery, Latitude 33 Brewing Co. Our announcement will also include the introduction of our Limited Release Series program, a small batch program in draught only. Our initial offering is a  Czech Style Pilsner which is a tribute beer to one of San Diego’s greatest legacies.
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A portion of the proceeds will support the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter. Pre-sales commence May 1. Go Bro! Bro-ceanography™ Pils.






Padres Baseball The Fat Cat Beer Company News

Padres fans can now buy Fat Cat Beer at Petco Park! Recently, Fat Cat piqued the interest of some VIPs when Petco Park hosted the Davis Cup Tennis Matches between USA and Great Britain. That led to an inquiry from the Padres. You can now find us at Hodad’s, the best burger joint in town, in Petco Park during Padre games! More distribution points within the Petco Park to be named soon.

To view the Full Newsletter click the link below:

Fat Cat Newsletter Edition 1